Project URLs

Software & Open Source Code

  • Neural Architecture Search

    DeepSwarm (maintained by Edvinas, a former BSc honour student at Aberdeen), UKCI 2019 Best Paper Award

  • Qualitative, Semi-quantitative, and Qualitative Simulation

JMorven (maintained by me, online manual available)

  • Data Mining in Heterogenous Information Networks (Open Source)
  • SemiRPClus (maintained by Chen Luo at Rice University)
  • Hete-CF (maintained by Chen Luo at Rice University)

  • Essential Protein Ranking (Open Source)

    IEW(maintained by Yuexu Jiang at Missouri)

  • Cancer Biomarker Detection

Specific Cancer Biomarkers Detection (maintained by Dr. Wei Du at U. of Georgia)

Supplementary Material for: Du, W., Cao, Z., Wang, Y., Pang, W., Zhou, F., Tian, Y. & Liang, Y. (2015). 'Specific biomarkers: detection of cancer biomarkers through high-throughput transcriptomics data'. Cognitive Computation