How did I trace my Erdös Number?

1. I coauthored with Prof. Celso Grebogi:

Combinatorial stresses kill pathogenic Candida species, Medical Mycology 50(7), pp. 699-709

2. Prof. Celso Grebogi coauthored with Prof. Zoltán Toroczkai:

Fractal boundaries in open hydrodynamical flows: Signatures of chaotic saddles. Phys. Rev. E 51, 4076 (1995).

3. Prof. Zoltán Toroczkai coauthored with Prof. László A. Székely:

Degree based graph construction, Phys. Lett. A Math. Theor. 42 (2009) 392001.

4. Prof. László A. Székely coauthored with Paul Erdös:

Remarks on infinite series, Studia Sci. Math. Hung. 22(1987), 395-400.

Therefore, my Erdos number is at most 4.

Additional information:

Prof. Celso Grebogi's Erdös Number is at most 3 according to MathSciNet.

Prof. Zoltán Toroczkai's publication list

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