Our Project Goal

The goal of this project is to study people's political opinions in the social media world, so that we can have a better understanding of how opinions are propagated during the actual political events. In particular, we are interested in investigating the evolution and shift of the opinions before and after the Scottish Independence Referendum and UK General Election. To achieve this, We are collecting and statistically analysing millions of Tweets and trying to gain insights into these tweets.

Dr. Wei Pang

Dr. Wei Pang's research interests are in bio-inspired (especially immune-inspired) data mining and machine learning, especially as applied in social, biological, health, and environmental sciences. He's also interested in qualitative and semi-quantitative modelling and simulation of complex systems. His substantive research is in social network analysis, systems biology, anomoly detection in environmental sensor data, and clustering analysis in prenatal data with missing values.

Dr. John Bone

Dr. John Bone's research interests are in social and biosocial theory, political economy, social well-being and social media research. In terms of theoretical work, and in line with an emerging biosocial perspective within the sociology, he has a specific interest in the way in which human neurobiological capacities and propensities shape and delimit the dialectical relationship between individual and society, with implications for understanding social interaction, organisation and well-being.

Prof. George Coghill

Prof. George M. Coghill is SICSA Chair and Director of Research in School of Natural and Computing Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. He has nearly 30 years of research experience in the area of Model-based Reasoning, and rich experience in Computational Intelligence. He has contributed immensely by applying his expertise to various fields as diverse as process engineering and system biology. He is currently leading the System Modelling reearch group at the University of Aberdeen, and the group is engaged in the theoretical foundation, pragmatics, and use of tools for analysis and modelling abstract, conceptual and real world system.

Dr. Chukwuemeka David Emele

Dr.Chukwuemeka David Emele is a Research Fellow for both Flexible Integrated Transport Services (FITS) and Agent and Semantic Support for Rural Enterprise (ASSURE) projects in dot.rural hub. Dr. David Emele is a computer scientist, and he is currently investigating how novel technologies involving agents, semantic matchmaking, social media, argumentation and other coordination mechanisms can be exploited to reduce the wide digital divide between rural and urban areas, and to deliver value-added services to people in rural areas of Scotland.

Adeniyi Abdul

Mr. Adeniyi Abdul is a highly competent, dependable and enthusiastic software engineer with vast experience in designing, developing and testing software across a variety of platforms. His research interest are in cloud computing, grip computing, machine learning using predictive modelling, agent based scheduling and augmented reality.