My UKRI funding profile


  • Heriot-Watt CoI: "Digital Circular Electrochemical Economy (DCEE)" joint with Imperial, Loughborough (£1.1M, PI: Prof Nilay Shah at Imperial), September 2021- August 2024
  • Aberdeen CoI: "Realising Accountable Intelligent Systems (RAInS)", a joint project with Oxford and Cambridge funded by EPSRC ( £1.36M, PI: Prof Pete Edwards, EP/R033846/1-Aberdeen, EP/R033501/1-Cambridge, EP/R03379X/1-Oxford). Aberdeen value: £0.97M, January 2019-January 2022. Project Partners include IBM Research UK, UK Law Commission, and Transport Systems Catapult. Project URL
  • Aberdeen Sole-investigator and CoI, "New Industrial Systems: Manufacturing Immortality", funded by EPSRC (EP/R020957/1, £2.69M), Aberdeen value £423K (£363K from EPSRC), March 2018-November 2021. Project Partners include CENSIS, Data Lab, Dstl, Siemens, AFC Energy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ITM Power, and Zentraxa. Project URL
  • PI, "Immune-inspired Anomaly Detection In Environmental Sensor Data with Natural Language Generation Support", RCUK Digital Economy Hub dot.rural partnership grant, £109,845, September 2014-September 2015, Project URL



Participant: Digital directions for collected editions: keyboard music by British musicians before c.1700. I am a member of the network. PI: Prof David Smith at Northumbria. July 2021- December 2022.

Royal Society/Royal Society of Edinburgh

  • PI, 'Physarum Intelligence: Understanding and Learning from Competing Slime Mold', funded by Royal Society (Grant Ref IE160806), £12K, March 2017-March 2019.
  • PI (main contact), 'AIRSYB: An AI-based Self-adaptive Robot Systems Biologist', 2015 Scottish Crucible Award Project, funded by Royal Society of Edinburgh, £8,000 (£5,000 from RSE, £3,000 from Beyond Consulting Ltd), October 2015-April 2017. Project URL

Cancer Research UK/EPSRC/STFC

  • Two projects were funded by CRUK/ESPRC/STFC involving applying AI for cancer early detection. Collaborators include Oxford, Middlesex, National Physics Laboratory, UCL, Leeds, Institute of Cancer Research, and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. See this CRUK report for more details (Project 3 and Project 5)

    • CoI: Endo.AI Real time automated endoscopic detection of oesophageal squamous cell cancer in early and precancerous stages (with Oxford and Middlesex), May 2019-May 2020, (Grant Reference: C68574/A29021), £100K. Project Information Project URL

    • CoI: AI and MR physics simulation to assess low-cost, low-field MRI as a cancer screening tool (with UCL, NPL, Leeds, and ICR). July 2019-December 2021. £96,553, Grant Reference: C69862/A29020

  • CoI: Early cancer diagnosis in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) using computational pathology and machine learning (With Oxford, Imperial, Warwick, and Swansea), April 2020- April 2021,£99,999 Grant Reference: C68644/A30721

Externally Funded PhD studentships

Scottish Funding Council

  • Aberdeen Investigator, the community cinema statistics project, funded by Scottish Funding Council, with INDY Cinema Group Ltd, Driftwood Cinema Limited, North East Arts Touring, Open Cinema Foundation, and the University of Glasgow. £19.9K, (£9.95K goes to Aberdeen, Grant Ref. 16-IF-3513), September 2017-May 2018.

Other Funders/Small Grants

  • Co-PI (UK site),'Modelling of biochemical systems based on dynamic multiscale algorithms estimation and application', funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61602209), RMB 180K, January 2017-December 2019. PI (China site) is Dr Zujian Wu from Jinan University, China.
  • Co-PI, "The study on protein-protein binding site structural alignment methods", funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61202309), RMB 240K, January 2013-December 2015. PI is Dr You Zhou from Jilin University, China.
  • PI, British Council RING grant (Researcher International Networking Grant), £1,500, February 2011-February 2012, with Prof Thibault Lust current at LIP 6 (Computer Science Laboratory of Paris 6, France).
  • Co-PI,"A bioinformatics approach to study the interaction of non-coding RNA and proteins", funded by the Sci-tech Department of Jilin Province, China (Grant No. 20090116), RMB 20K. PI: Dr You Zhou from Jilin University, China. January 2010- December 2012.
  • CoI, "The study of bioinformatics algorithms for recognition of small RNA molecules in the genome of agricultural crops", funded by Jilin University through Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China, RMB 50K, PI: Dr You Zhou from Jilin University, China. January 2010-December 2011.
  • CoI, "An Intelligent Decision-making System for Automotive Sale and Management" funded by National High-tech R&D Program of China ('863 Program', Grant No. 2007AA04Z114), RMB 700K, PI: Prof Lan Huang from Jilin University, China. October 2007-October 2010.
  • College of Physical Sciences Research Incentivisation Fund awarded by University of Aberdeen, £2495, October 2016-October 2017.
  • PECE Bursary awarded by the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA), £2,935, April 2016-May 2016.
  • Awarded Digital Catapult Contributor Membership (April 2015~July 2017), €20,000 (€10,000 pa.) by winning a competition through the Polly project)
  • Scottish Crucible, funded by RSE and SFC, 2015, Media Coverage Media Coverage 2
  • FEBS Youth Travel Fund (YTF), €1000, 2009